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It’s Mother’s Day, Every Single Day of the Year

While warm rays of sun beams break through the tree branches & the last spring clouds hinder in the blue spring skies every single living element in nature blooms.

Gracefully, every leaf un-curls & colored petal captures both bumble bees & our eyesight. This time of the year summarizes beauty in all its forms & no wonder Mothers Day is celebrated during this season.

The majesty of nature unfolds around this time of the year just like mothers’ love and warmth surrounds us all year around.


The Power of F Words

Fabulous , Feminine , Flowers 

Countless ways exist to spoil & display our gratitude for the great mothers out there in their special day or any other day.

The first thought that will come to your mind is, ya but flowers are a classical gesture, cliche’. But, let me tell you what differentiates flowers from other items, be it a perfume, handbag, spa package, shoes, even jewelry. The latter are items a mother can get herself at any given day. But FLOWERS, are very personal, feminine, real & special every single time they land in the hand of the receiver.

Eager on making your bouquets / flower choices even more meaningful? Then make sure you choose the flowers that represent the message/s you would like to deliver. We have handpicked our favorite flowers alongside what each one means, and trust me, it will not be easy to choose after that!


Tulip Flowers

Minimal, unique, you can not mistaken them with other flowers. Tulips resemble perfect & deep love. And honestly, who else other than a mother can provide that un-codictionally?

Hydrangea Flowers

It is simply a standalone & unique flower. Surely puts a show on without other flowers’ assistance. It is filled with smaller flowers cuddled up in one big bundle. Hydrangea resembles gratitude & grace. Oh, exactly what every mother deserves, us being grateful.

Phalaenopsis Flowers

An absolute pleasure to look at, intricate & charming in all its sizes & forms. It resembles exactly what is applicable to every mother back then & now, femininity & elegance (with a hint of attachment) Phalaenopsis highlight a motherly charm with no doubt.

Peony Red Charm Flowers

Respect comes first & this ist is exactly what the beautiful Peony Charm flowers represent. With such delicacy & petal uniqueness comes a strong message that is inevitable in all human relationships especially that of a mother & her children – Honor & Respect.

Ranunculus Cloni Flowers

It does resemble exactly what it means, the delicate Ranunculus Cloni flower is a symbol of charm & definitely the first ever love & charm is that of a mother. The first face we lay our eyes on & the most tender is the most charming by default.

Calla Lily Flowers

Another unparalleled beauty lays in the shape of this flower. Standing tall to its name, Calla Lily, where Calla in Greek means Beauty, this flower resembles both bliss & beauty. No surprise that it is a perfect match to this occasion!


Sweet Vuvuzela!

One of the many siblings in the Rose family. So beautiful, with maximized squeezed petals that make it unique (sort of cute). Sweet Vuvuzela will come across as a cuddly element in nature with mesmerizing color hues. It stands for joy & purity, isn’t this exactly what motherhood is all about?


Flower Power All The Way

The list of beautiful & delicate flowers can go on but for now, make sure to start looking at flowers as a very special & personal gesture that delivers very specific messages to the mothers & beloved ones whomever they are.

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