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We are a premier Dubai-based event management company that specializes in meticulously organized and captivating events. 

A 7PQRS corporate networking event.

7pqrs Event Agency in UAE

The event planners at 7PQRS specialize in management, floral decor, catering, entertainment, and promotional services for corporate, wedding, social, and private events. They also have access to cutting-edge insights and expertise in event marketing campaigns that capitalize on the objectives of our clients and partners. Our event planners are experts in every component that will raise the bar for your event, from decorations and photography to top-notch entertainment.
We plan every event as a team and provide our knowledge and guidance whenever necessary to achieve excellence. Additionally, we proactively monitor event costs to optimize value while staying within the budgeted limit.

Event management services in Dubai


7PQRS provides thorough corporate event planning and marketing that are perfectly catered to your requirements. We recognize the significance and pressing necessity for a business to organize an event, whether it be a meeting or the Yearly Staff Dinner. Our event florists have years of experience planning workshops and seminars. We are dedicated to addressing the various demands of companies and providing the finest results possible.


Whether the goal is to improve connections, boost output, or instill interest in events, our event planners excel at creating the ideal setting for festivals, night outs, birthday parties, and other social gatherings. In addition to providing our clients with the greatest outcomes, our innovative experts and creative gurus can make your event stand out from the crowd through their reliable, unwavering sourcing and extensive entertainment options in Dubai.


Wedding events The wedding industry has come to recognize 7PQRS as creative event florists that are determined to go above and beyond to make sure your ceremony is as special as you are. Numerous brides, as well as business leaders, have praised and awarded our wedding florists. We make sure that your wedding exudes extravagance. Our staff includes some of the greatest organizers, caterers, decorators, and choreographers in the market.


The connections our event planners have with reputable distributors and contractors enable us to stage any type of private occasion or event. Our ability to deliver unmatched events that give your visitors a memorable experience is made possible by our superior standard of service. We can help you with everything from choosing a professional to managing your team-building sessions to finding the right entertainment for your family gathering.


Our specialty is delivering flowers to events, and we adore designing stunning bouquets for memorable nuptials, fantastic birthday parties, and particular home décor pieces. Regardless of the event, we would offer premium floral setup, supply, and decoration services. To assist you in creating the atmosphere and look you desire, our skilled team of event florists in Dubai will develop a unique design and intimate setup for your floral decorations.


Our website creators have the expertise necessary to execute a unique event website catered to your goals. Whether it's a seminar, conference, or open event, we can use a variety of techniques to increase the visibility of your event and ensure that people continue to speak about your accomplishments long after the event has ended. These tools include social media marketing, SEO services, event marketing campaigns, and even celebrity endorsement.

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