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UAE National Day Celebration & Appreciation

UAE National Day – A Day of Celebration & Appreciation

UAE National Day

Our Favorite Final Annual Occasion !

On this greatly celebrated annual occasion, UAE’s National Day, celebrated on the 2nd of December, we take some moments to admire & appreciate how this specific spot on earth, has become home for expats & tourists alike. Let us go through essential logistical & operational elements when setting up & planning celebrating this event.

What are we celebrating exactly ? (question by first time visitors & fresh expats)

We have been here long enough & look forward to this annual celebration since it boosts the fact that UAE is an individual’s second home, definitely an inevitable (sort of destined) realization.
Yet for those that have newly arrived to this rich & generous land, UAE’s National Day will need to be introduced in the simplest way to create that instant link between the audience & the occasion itself.

UAE National Day is an occasion that allows commemorating the unification of the 7 emirates that took place in 1971. This day scatters in every corner of every emirate spreading the sense of utmost pride & patriotism. How can you celebrate it you may wonder ( if this is your first time)?

Acknowledging the Audience

Before you tap into the physical set up of the event, identifying your audience is way more important. Being aware of who will actually pass by your stands / activations and who will take part in the celebration is crucial.
A basic identification will help in choosing the visitors’ journey & what you will offer them experience & content wise.
Your audience will mainly fall under 3 categories:

  • Employees ( in both governmental & private sectors)
  • The Public (Citizens, Residents & Tourists)
  • Students (Mainly in-school massive celebrations throughout the day take place)

Celebrations with the public

This is a massive umbrella in which loads of scenarios fall under. Starting with:

  • Mall celebrations
  • Open areas celebrations ie: parks, beaches etc.
  • Governmental public facilities celebrations such as the airport / hospitals etc .

Workplace Based Celebrations

It is definitely a chilled day that all employees look forward too every single year & the reasons are valid. Less tight deliverables’ deadlines, amazing Karak brewing in the distance, mouthwatering Emirati sweets that get prepared in live stations while everyone ques & chats (well vents about their managers).

On a bigger scale, it is a full fledge day where no one actually sits on their desk but roams around the entertainment options scattered in their work premises. (we will get to the entertainment options soon).

Here, we are targeting both local citizens and residents since workplaces in the UAE have a rich cultural diversity where people from across the globe gather to serve the company’s purpose. Coming from all paths in life, UAE National Day acts like a common ground that reminds them of the great legacy the country they are residing in is in addition to its success inspiring them on both the personal & collective levels.
Every single employee will connect & relate to the values & legacy of this country in their own way.
Some will get to understand the culture better, others will satisfy their curiosity & get introduced to bits & pieces of the history & legacy that the great founders & rulers have left behind.
It is definitely an unmissable opportunity to pause , enjoy & appreciate a country that has become home to more than 200 nationalities.

Public Based Celebrations

A great reminder to everyone from whatever background they come from & whatever their ambition is of how great this nation actually is. Built from scratch, on the warm golden sand grains. Nothing was impossible, watching the journey, progress & international success the UAE has reached is worth a daily celebration indeed.
Old & new residents alongside tourists, led by the country’s citizens, every single human being waking up to UAE’s golden dunes & skylines needs this day to pause & admire the journey UAE has taken & how far it has reached on the big spectrum of prosperity.

The UAE;s flag colors will be more visible, on the roads & indoor spaces alike. Local national day songs will be played more on radio stations & in public places, the Lougemat (traditional donut-spheres like sweets ) aroma will capture you every now & then while you walk around the public places in any emirate.
Eye catching Emirati bands & folklore dancers will make malls an even more interesting destination for families & friends to visit for some UAE National Day vibes.

School Based Celebrations

The most crucial audience of all, kids. Kids of all ages, the pillars of a healthy & solid society. The number 1 audience in terms of critical observers & contributors. If you are capable of instilling the values, story & vision of this country in the younger generation, you are half way through a definite successful future.

Introducing the kids from a young age, and of all ages in general, to the cultural & historical background of this country is crucial in building a solid base of respect & appreciation merged with admiration.

When a kid understands the vision & determination the ancestors , leaders & founders went through to reach this international level of success on all levels, his / her standards would already be set higher than any other kid in this world.

Through music, art, literature, food & cultural values, the kids will form a better understanding, respect & appreciation to this country they all call home.

What to offer on this day ? (and why)

There are some basic / classical cultural offerings on this day , and there is the extra mile of a detailed oriented approach that can make the celebration memorable, below we will list both and leave you to choose what suits your budget and celebration location best:

  • Mini flags ( to be distributed to everyone & hung in high visible spots)
  • Balloon & flower arrangements focusing on the flag colors
  • Speakers playing the national anthem alongside the beautiful Emirati songs
  • Date stations (because no National Day is complete without a bite into the soft & extremely sweet local fruit)
  • Videos & presentations playing / rolling with an appealing storytelling that introduces the history of this nation, mentioning its milestones, founder & leaders. (make sure subtitles are included whether the content is in English or Arabic)
  • Arabic coffee & Karak Chai (you do not want to serve dates alone do you?) it is the perfect combination that pauses time while you time travel through UAE’s history.
  • Henna station ( an all time favorite for both residents & tourists alike)
    Adorning the hands of women with henna, a powdered leaf formula that stays on the skin for a good two weeks and is perceived as a sign of utmost femininity & beauty in this region. (the cleaner & temporary version of tattoos)
  • Emirati breakfast & sweets live stations ( you do not want to miss on fresh crunchy dripping sweet Lougemat, drizzling in date syrup & sprinkled with sesame seeds) And for those savory taste buds, Rigag (the thinnest pancake you can imagine) can be served with some delicious spreads such as eggs , cheese or both with a drizzle of hot sauce ( the proper way to have it) trust us!
  • Oyster station (also known as, the lucky pearl hunt) , this is definitely an extra mile that always wins the attention & hearts of attendees. Que & pick your shell, while a locally dressed man cracks it open in front of your eyes to check if a shiny pearl is awaiting for you inside! A must try.
  • Traditional dance performances that introduce the pearl fishing history alongside the rich variety of outfits & talent.
  • UAE themed photo booth, preferably with nice flags , landscape cutouts & the National Day hashtag adorning it. Snap & share!

We have covered the basic activations & decorations to have on this special day, hoping you do not hesitate to reach out to us for even more out of the box approaches & initiatives.
Make it special & unforgettable!

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