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Monthly floral decor

Get the ideal ambiance with our dazzling floral services!

Entrust the expertise of 7PQRS’ professional florists in Dubai to relieve yourself of a major burden of events. Our expert event florists create and offer the ideal flower delivery services with carefully chosen colors, styles, and shapes that enhance the central theme of your event. Tropical florals, Large bouquets, and centerpieces are just a few examples of the vibrant, luxuriant floral décor our creative team can use to enrich any event.

Our luxurious floral Services

7PQRS is a full-service event florist offering one-of-a-kind, personalized floral services for all life celebrations. We specialize in flower delivery, linen arrangements, and elegant Floral Décor for weddings, offices, homes, and hotels.

Monthly Floral Decor

Our team sets a luxurious atmosphere in a room that makes guests feel appreciated and valued at any event. Flowers serve as a way for us to remember important moments in life, such as weddings, housewarmings, or achievements in the workplace. The florists at 7PQRS have the perfect scheme for each situation, no matter how you want to express yourself.

Houses Floral Decor

For your home's décor, whether it's for a birthday celebration, wedding function, or any other warming family event, our event florists provide you with an enormous range of bright and beautiful floral decorations. We will work hard to bring your ideas to life and are sufficiently adaptable to accommodate any theme you can think of for your home decorations.

Office Floral Decor

The floral office decoration is a simple yet stunning and efficient method to enrich the atmosphere of your office event, offering a dash of vibrancy and a lovely aroma. With long-lasting freshness, eye-catching hues, and an all-natural smell, our floral services team has expertly planned, delivered, and managed office décor services for major companies in Dubai.

Wedding Floral Decor

Allow our wedding florists the opportunity to add beautiful floral decorations to the wedding of your fantasies. With the use of dangling floral decorations, flower bouquet, life-size flowery decorations, and other floral displays, our wedding florists can design an occasion with the right vibes and atmosphere. To give it a seamless look, we could also match the linens with the floral decoration.

Events Floral Decor

7PQRS can design stunning and distinctive decorations to make it a genuinely exceptional and unforgettable gathering, whether it be a big release, office decor, a gala dinner, home decor, a wedding, or a hotel event. Our event florists will bring, set, and remove all the arrangements flawlessly, allowing you to focus on organizing the rest of the event's details.

Hotels Floral Decor

The most welcoming hotel flower decor can only be created and maintained with passion, innovation, and technical proficiency. 7PQRS is well-versed in the demands unique to this sector with its many years of expertise providing specialized flower arrangements to top hotels in Dubai. Our hotel floral décor team would love to bring unique ideas for your event.

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Makes a Statement with 7PQRS
Floral Service

Our gorgeous, bespoke floral decor, complemented by specialized linens and a one-of-a-kind, creative decor, will add elegance and style to your events.