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For the couple to focus on making priceless memories, 7PQRS would be delighted to partner with them to organize and support them throughout their wedding preparation in Dubai. Our wedding planners are eager to ensure that your desires and dreams are ideally carried out, from arranging chic & traditional wedding events to managing dazzling theme-based wedding décor for your big day.

Our wedding event Services

7pqrs is dedicated to providing stylish, opulent wedding services and charmingly ageless décor in Dubai in breathtaking venues. Please look at the benefits our top wedding planners specialize in for memories that will last a lifetime.


Our photographers uniquely capture every occasion by carrying elegance and charm. Our crew has a modern aesthetic and enjoys exploring camera angles and editing techniques to turn them into beautiful memories. Every individual is celebrated in the most realistic and random possible manner by our professional photographers and videographers.


Our wedding florists are experts in putting together fascinating wedding décor and a lively ambiance. With customized wedding décor accessories, wedding cakes, and elegantly constructed arches and pillars to provide a classy look, our wedding decorations greatly contribute to establishing the perfect Atmosphere for your wedding event. 


The entertainment element of the wedding event is made as delightful and fun-filled as possible for the visitors by our professional event planners. We provide and special coordinate events like DJ sets, music and dance, and live shows by top-tier nationwide performers. Our staff excels in quickly arranging the musicians for live performances.


Chefs from top-tier Dubai restaurants are provided by 7PQRS to offer your guests a wide range of cuisines. We offer high-quality food catering services that include delectable cuisine presented tastefully in an elegant manner. We provide complimentary samples and tantalizing menu options so that our customers are satisfied before ordering.

Venue Arrangements

We provide a wonderful variety of wedding venues where your wedding celebration can be planned as a shrewd wedding event organizer. We will turn your wedding into a sumptuous occasion for you and your guests, whether you prefer to arrange it in your home, a mansion, or on the beaches, with our fantastic wedding planners.

Theme Designs

7PQRS provides a range of theme designs for your wedding celebration. For clients with tighter timeframes, our comprehensive suite of solutions facilitates decision-making. Our customers can choose from a variety of glamorous decorations with winter themes, Arabic themes, modern themes, or any kind of decorative theme they desire.

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We’re here to relieve some of your stress and that of your spouse by planning the wedding celebration you’ve always imagined. We are aware of the requirements needed to elevate your special day. To enjoy a wedding, you won’t soon forget, get in touch with us.