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Un-tie Some Fun Potential!

Loosen up, time to inject your workspace with some serotonin, also known as the happy chemical, across your departments.

As much as a timely and above the average salary alongside a non-toxic environment, are contributors to a sustainable level of productivity, as much as putting some semi-annual efforts into bonding your employees, pays off. Drastically (trust us).

Here, we are looking at annual, semi-annual & occasional fun oriented gatherings that evacuate your main assets (your employees) from their mundane stress & tasks to enjoy some (not very random) but rather thought off & well-planned activities & events.

You might be wondering what will bond those, coming from across very different backgrounds, career levels, aspirations, goals & roles. Well, at the end of the day, whatever the industry is & whatever the nature of the services / products you deliver are, the human behind it is what really counts.

There is nothing more human than moments of pure connection & fun between people. As for the ways to introduce this, whether you are the rigid poker face manager / head of department, or the easy going casual & friendly leader, please check the list of engaging & fun corporate activities / events below:

Sizzling ‘Hot – Roll up your sleeves for that cooking class!

Aside from breaking gender roles’ stereotypes, cooking gets those typing hands operating in un-familiar ways. Salt pinches, honey drizzling, crepe flippin’ in the air & much more alongside laughter & chitchats between teams & individuals alike. Cooking definitely uplifts the mood & builds a new bond between your people.

Cooking classes get everyone to work in sync by following detailed instructions while preparing something (hopefully delicious).

Green Thumb Alert? Flower arrangement / terrarium workshops

Some fresh & beautiful moments will await your staff while handling delicate flowers & plants, feeling the creativity while reconnecting with natural elements. Away from their phones & laptops, people participating will either explore or re-connect with their creative side while tailoring a bouquet / putting a terrarium together reflecting their unique personalities. One more advantage? They get to take it home, boast about it & post it online for others to get inspired.

Fitness challenges (put those old sneakers on)

Book a warehouse, a personal / fitness challenges’ trainer / specialist & let that sweat drip! There is a pleasure to tough challenges that require physical effort & raw collaborations especially in team set ups. One loses, the whole team suffers. One is supportive & dedicated, everyone’s a winner. What an equation! It will definitely unleash the many beasts under those pale & bored corporate faces.

Escape that room (not for the claustrophobic ones)


Other than meeting & conference rooms, get your employees to escape dark rooms filled with scare jumps! Experiencing escape rooms will bring out the fear, courage & the tactic skills in them, allowing them to communicate & work as a legit team minus the competition that is found in the workplace usually.

Sunset Smoke? Outdoor BBQ is calling you

While in-office hours bonding is good, give outdoor bonding alongside family members & friends with the colleagues a chance! No matter how stressful any work environment is, after a couple of months any employee would have picked their favorite work buddy. To solidify that potential friendship, a well-arranged outdoor BBQ while bringing along some family members (kids perhaps) or friends, will widen the circle of people & form a new level of bonding.

It makes it even better when a long list of grocery & home-made plates is divided between the attendees. This indirectly forces more communication & cross-cultural cuisine experiences.

Show me your Dali – collaborative mural art event

Get those creative colorful juices flowing with a massive canvas / wall that has a cool outlined artwork with numbers & color codes. Get your teams excited to full up those sections & reveal a great collaborative artwork that can either be washed away for more artwork to come or kept around the office premises.

Not a fan of a massive mural board / graffiti style? Rent a warehouse space or step into a public park while you set up small to medium sized canvases & acrylic paint tubes / cans. Let your people freely express through colors while you play a happy & funky playlist. (do not forget to provide delicious snacks throughout this experience)

Trivia game time + some cold draft? (cheers to you)


Test the general knowledge & gather your people around some good cocktails & draft beer. Trivia game nights is ideal for teamwork & collaboration skills. Teams will collaborate together to solve problems, which boosts their ability to enhance their communication skills, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities.

Away from reality – Step into AR

Why stick to reality when you can escape it for some fun & challenge? Making an AR scavenger or treasure hunt with rewards for those who collect the most points or artifacts will provide excitement and a level of engagement that you won’t achieve by having the guests sit still while you scroll through some classical & boring presentation.

All you need is mobile devices, AR glasses, AR headsets, or AR projections to interact with live & virtual audiences through augmented reality experiences.

What’s next?

With all the above approaches to fun listed, do you really still find excuses not to book us for your next corporate event? If not us, make sure you do not deprive your employees of fun, sort it out for yourself, get those supplies & materials to offer core memories that will solidify your people’s loyalty & positive attitude towards their workplace, it will indirectly boost their productivity. Thank us later.

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