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Valentine’s proposals 2024

Sealing a love story is best done in February, specifically on the 14th of it. As classic and cheesy as it might sound, deciding on a proposal on Valentine’s day would never be out of style, a timeless and memorable way of moving things forward. (We are definitely not inspiring you to get carried away and proposing this year, if your relationship is a couple of months old, we do not take any responsibility here)

For the serious ones, the solid relationships, the men out there that have made up their mind and would like to enjoy a married life in 2024, below is a list of cool proposal trends for you since the 14th of February is right around the corner:

Back to earth – BOHO style

This generation has set a worldwide trend of reconnecting with earthy elements with a direction towards minimalism and sustainability. You know what will sit well with this trend? Outdoor, or even indoor like settings that mimic natural scenes.

A camping spot with soft fairy lights, twigs logs and a campfire will be a great warm and literally (down to earth) proposal setting.

Proposal by the beach with minimal white decoration or trail, heart shaped shells, candles (for evening scenarios).

Linen and gypsy patterns for extra texture will add a magical feel to the seating area in the center. You can always go the classical way and set a nice 2-seater table if you are not a big fan of camping or picnics directly on earth.


Tie a Knot – Yacht proposals

While we still praise minimalism and outdoor set ups, proposing on the yacht is another memorable approach especially if a surprise gathering is arranged with friends and the closest family members. It can start off as a normal cruise, or sunset dinner set up. Get everyone gathered in their most comfy bright color outfits to witness the coolest guy’s kneeling silhouette in the sunset background. Some good playlist, bites & drinks will always seal a yacht deal for you and your invitees.

More on yacht set ups and weddings can be accessed here.


Big hearts, always win

The universal love symbol and most used shape in various occasions all over the globe, the heart, unmistakably cool & aligns with such an important date. The bigger the heart, the louder teh (awwww) moment. The better the pictures, the more the impressed faces and like buttons to be hit once you share the proposal moments on social media.

You can never go wrong with a heart arch that beautifies the moment and background while you your heart skips a beat to propose.

Dare to use a cool flower set up heart shape, with non classical colors to make a statement. Using balloons is another approach to achieve a remarkable heart shaped background arch. A creative blend of both is doable as well to showcase a unique setup. Dare to try new approaches with your creative events’ agency.

Sing your heart out!

Custom songs is a trend we have seen around for some time now, where many people have used to play amidst a radio station playing during a road trip or normal school drop off. Using songs and lyrics to show gratitude, celebrate an anniversary or a birthday is always great especially when the receiver’s facial expressions are being recorded. Use this method & choose any online platform to purchase a personal song that tells your story and pops the question. Play it on the radio while heading to the most boring destination. Snake sure you have a hidden camera or phone recording it all.


Don’t break that tooth!

This approach might sound cheesy and old, but hey, who said those old un-expected methods do not make good and funny memories. Whether it is a homemade cake that you can dig a hole in to place your box with the ring, or a customized cake that the shop can assist you in placing the actual ring in one of its slice. A blinging sweet surprise will always impress. Give it a try. Do not count calories but count those diamonds!


The celebrity way-

Why not hire a celebrity to propose on your behalf? Wait, hire a celebrity to send your loved one the proposal and enjoy the reaction you will witness while she opens her phone to a message from her favorite celebrity addressing her & informing her that you are ready for the next step. If you did not think that this is doable, you can check several platforms out there that give you access to a wide list of celebrities, all you have to do is, pick him / her, customize your proposal message & let them record it their own way to convince your other half that you actually are, their better half.


Final few tricks & musts for a close to perfect proposal

  • Give neon lights in the background a try for a more personal ambience and messages.
  • Try leaving some personal and warm giveaways for your guests if you decide to arrange a big proposal and set up.
  • Make sure to hire a photographer or even better, a videographer to capture those precious moments and (set ups)
  • Plan and book venues ahead of time to get the location you need on that specific day (many men out there have got their eyes on this specific date)

Last but not least, and as cheesy as it might sound, it is a crucial reminder for all of you Valentine’s day proposers out there, whatever the approach you prefer to choose for your next move, make sure you make it personal, meaningful and hire the best events management agencies out there. Do not go cheap yet, do not exaggerate. Keep it original, keep it real. Never hesitate to contact us for further ideas and plans.

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