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NYE – How to Celebrate?

If you think 2023 has just flown over our heads, wait till you see how close the holiday seasons are followed by the urgency of celebrating New Years Eve! We have decided to stay in this year , just like many others that chose to cut off the traffic hassle, overspending in venues that overlook the fireworks’ shows and the overall logistics. And why are we supporting in-house and outdoor public spaces with cozy celebrations exactly ? 1- Save your bank accounts a massive loss of digits while you can still enjoy this evening through an alternative budget friendly approach. Booking tickets in locations that face the major landmarks that hold NYE fireworks display has become over the years, unrealistic, so setting up a gathering away from those locations, will have your bank account smile (and probably wink) 2- Save you the time that’s usually spent commuting to and from the celebrations’ destinations. And with the unpleasant traffic situation in Dubai this year, it is definitely a plus! So, by now we might have got you wondering what can actually be done on this night, below are our top 7 ways to celebrate this occasion in Dubai whether outdoors or indoors.

Desert options

With temperatures dropping, which is an annual phenomenon we all wait for, the desert is a classical yet perfect escape for single people & families alike. A hint of fresh air, some blankets, wood logs, good music and snacks can never be disappointing especially if the right people attended this gathering. What will make a desert NYE celebration special ?
  • Stargazing: believe it or not, the darker the surrounding is, the deeper you go into the desert, with less lights & pollution around you, more stars will become visible to the naked eye.
  • Camping: post the 12am clocks ticking, hugs, kisses and toasts raised, staying the night in the desert will make sense rather than driving all the way back home, As long as you have enough jackets, blankets, warm beverages and a good company, we guarantee you a memorable beginning of the year.

Backyard options

Many of us are privileged with a fresh, green patch that serves as a good escape from the big screen, couches and familiar indoors.
  • Set that garden with matts or your existing garden furniture. What can be enjoyed within the borderlines of your own garden? Countless activities for adults and kids alike ranging from BBQ preparation or even enjoying some delicious food catering alongside setting up a cool camp-like site for the little ones.
  • Activities that can be enjoyed with family members and friends, are app games that promote interaction, and one of our favorites is: Spy! Check it out for yourself and trigger that doubt in between the closest of members in your circle. (It gets awkwardly funny)
  • From the comfort of your garden, you can use one of those basic projectors to live stream the firework display, all you need is a blank wall, turning off the lights, and viola enjoy it! Ofcourse , alongside projecting live firework shows, one can put on their favorite playlist or even binge watch a classical show.

Indoors options

While going out is still an option many tourists and new Dubai expats fancy, celebrating indoors, at the comfort of your own home, is still the easiest and most enjoyable for the majority of us. Indoor celebration will not necessarily indicate any basic gathering or boring scenarios. Countless options are applicable indoors and most of them are the ones we listed above. Besides preparing food together, or just relying on a well reputed food catering, preparing for the evening before your guests arrive is part of this memorable experience. Try to consider balloon decoration, cool decorative table settings and even considerate cool giveaways that you can have placed on each guest’s seat. What can you actually enjoy in a completely indoor set up?
  • Karaoke is for everyone! Give that microphone to someone who would never consider singing in public. You can never go wrong with a karaoke night especially when your playlist consists of a wide variety of genres.
  • Game night theme : prepare some plain papers, markers and start playing the classical games such as hangman, Tic-tac-toe, Jenga, dominos and the list goes on. Make sure to bet on the winner, add a scoreboard and enjoy the level of competitiveness increase by each turn.
If you are still hesitant on hosting a house party on this occasion or attending one, let me remind you that the top advantages of celebrating at home, is the ability to stay in your most comfy outfits, snooze and call it a night whenever you want to, sleep in and enjoy a brunch the next day together or even order in a late breakfast. And viola, we got you sorted. Please do not forget that, if you consider to level up any of the above options, make sure to contact us, one of the best event management agencies in Dubai and we will guarantee you a NYE celebration with a twist!

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